What If I’m a Bad Singer, And No One Will Tell Me?

After watching too much American Idol… I think we’ve all asked ourselves this question, right? We watch people that are “bad at singing” and worry that, that could be us. That we could be completely embarrassing ourselves, and no one will tell us. First of all, I’m convinced that the largest majority of “bad” singers […]

How Do I Choose a Great Voice Teacher?

There are tons of vocal coaches and voice teachers out there. These days, most teachers even teach online, so you have access to thousands of people to take lessons from. So, how do you know who’s good and who’s not? Let’s be honest. Each person needs different things, and a teacher/coach who is great for […]

Why Does My Voice Hurt When I Sing?

Often, new students will come in and tell me that they think they’ve hurt their voices somehow, because when they try to sing it, hurts. Of course, there are many reasons that you could be experiencing pain while singing. If you are genuinely concerned about the welfare of your voice, you should absolutely consult your […]

The Joy Of The Journey

If you don’t enjoy running, training for a half marathon is a real drag. I would know. I signed myself up for a 13.1 mile run through the Denver Metro area. The thing is, I really HATE running. Like, a lot. The day-to-day practice is pretty miserable. There’s no one cheering for you along the […]