Chart Writing Class

Colorado Voice Studio
Chart Writing Class For Songwriters
With Lance Ruby

Join us on Zoom and learn to write charts for your originals with Lance Ruby.

Haven’t you wanted to record and/or perform your new songs? Now is the time!

What is it?
A class designed to help you learn the essential art of charting your original music.

How does it work?
Lance Ruby, a master guitar teacher and professional musician (please read his bio below), will walk you through a step-by-step, interactive process to help you create clean, useful charts of your original songs that any pro musician can play right away. Whether you’re wanting to hire folks to record your songs in a studio, or are planning a show, minimize your rehearsal time and walk in as a professional with your charts ready to go.

For an additional fee (to hire musicians), if you’re in the Ft. Collins area, you can perform your songs at an outdoor concert on the evening of Sunday, August 1st.

When is it?

Sunday, July 18th and 25th from 6:00pm – 7:15pm MST

Where is it?
Two Classes on Zoom, and an optional show in Ft. Collins, CO

What’s the cost?


More about our instructor Lance Ruby – Master Guitar Instructor

Guitarist and educator Lance Ruby recently opened his teaching studio in Fort Collins, Colorado after earning his Masters of Jazz Studies from the University of Northern Colorado studying with Steve Kovalcheck. A Utah native, Lance completed his Bachelor’s degree in Guitar Performance from Utah State University studying with Corey Christiansen.

While in Utah, Lance co-founded the soul/funk band Danger 5 and has continued in this project with lead singer Dani Armour. Since moving to Colorado, he joined the Fort Collins based blues fusion band, Musketeer Gripweed. He is a member of the New Orleans funk group Crescent City Connection.

“My teaching philosophy is simple; I want to help my students achieve the goals they have with music. Whether that is learning a few simple Taylor Swift songs or passing an entrance audition into a university, I want to see my students succeed. I have worked on a curriculum that teaches skills and concepts that every musician must know. The combination of having a good curriculum in combination with teaching the students the music they love, creates good musicians and inspired students that are excited to come to guitar lessons each week.

I structure my lessons into four categories; lines, chords, technique, and repertoire. Lines can include melodies, scales, and for more advanced students soloing. Technique is an important area of focus for guitarists. Many older guitarists I know have injuries due to bad technique. It’s very important to instill proper technique in younger students so they won’t develop bad habits and have injuries later in life.

I love teaching guitar. It has been the most rewarding thing in my life. Seeing students gain confidence in their playing and also in themselves is an incredible experience. As a life long student of music myself I believe it is crucial to create musicians and music lovers out of our students.”

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